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Terezi entered the Facility during Week 83, just after she began to assume guidance of Dave in her canon. There was no experiment on that particular week, as there usually wasn't when new arrivals were brought in. There was, however, a large number of people that Terezi knew. She was quickly surrounded by both trolls and humans--the latter of which she was determined not to befriend. That sentiment lasted about a month and a half before she decided that she just didn't care enough to keep up pretenses.

The next week, they were immediately dumped into one of the Facility 3 (F3) locations: the Abyss. There, Terezi received a crash course in the kind of things that typically happened on Alpha Omega. She assisted in a raid against slavers that had abducted a bunch of people, but in the process crashed her jet-pack during a fight and broke her arm. After returning to Facility 1 location (F1), Terezi assisted in helping her friends recover from battle. She was also fiercely protective of her room number, considering her continued suspicion of the other humans in the station.

During Week 88, all the subjects received DVDs. Terezi received a copy of the Boondock Saints, which would later provide her with the codename Veritas for the Rebellion. The movie viewing also accidentally traumatized poor Nepeta and sparked a physical fight with Vriska that brought their relationship to an all-time low.

The next week, they were once again relocated to an F3 location: Venice, this time. This was the first human city that Terezi had ever visited. During Week 90, Val unleashed the Evil Twins experiment. Terezi's communicator was stolen, which forced her to act without knowledge of the network posts. As such, she felt that her best course of action would be to pose as a spy against the Twin group. This put her in the position to save Tavros, but only after beating him senseless and dragging him away from the other twins. She failed to save Gamzee and Equius from being killed, and was forced to leave John in their dungeon. She harbored quite a lot of guilt for this, but nothing compared to the guilt that her confrontation with Karkat's Twin provoked. Mistaking Karkat's Twin for the real deal, Terezi was ambushed and restrained before she got a chance to fight back. She was summarily tortured and then killed by being burned alive--while Karkat's Twin forced his real counterpart to watch.

The knife was dug deeper when--after an extended hiatus--Karkat was terminated without Terezi having a chance to speak to him. Two weeks before, they learned that terminated subjects were incinerated; but Terezi was still determined to get out as soon as possible, hoping that Karkat might still be alive somehow.

In a fit of anger and denial, Terezi had a bad fight with Sollux and then Vriska during Week 95. In the case of the latter, it resulted in an emotional breakdown over Karkat's termination and eventually led to a better understanding between Terezi and Vriska. A very tentative truce formed.

During Week 96, the Rebellion was formed as a means to fight back against the Consortium that ran Alpha Omega. Terezi was appointed the Head of the Covert Ops division, one of four top-ranking positions.

In Week 101, another Karkat was introduced to Alpha Omega. This spawned another fight between Terezi and Sollux over how they should react to him. Sollux wanted to treat him like any Karkat, but Terezi insisted that doing so would prove that they were all replaceable/interchangeable.

During Week 103, a large portion of the populace of Alpha Omega was subjected to individualized torture, planned secretly between Izaya (one of the subjects) and the Consortium. Terezi was placed in a cell with Justin Law, where in addition to dehydration and starvation, they were subjected to drastic temperature changes for three days before being dunked into a vat of hot oil. Terezi still retains scars on her legs from the incident, but her and Justin became fast friends. After that week, John requested that Terezi privately investigate the members of the Rebellion due to information that was leaked prior to the torture.

Week 105 was the two year anniversary of Alpha Omega's experiments, during which the station underwent a shutdown. One of the subjects was ordered to exterminate the subjects from the inside, and Terezi was murdered while trying to advise others to stop using the network. She returned after the station had returned to functionality to find that Karkat had been terminated again. An analysis from the Consortium stated that Karkat's termination was the result of trying to break Terezi, which she believed.

From Week 107 through 109, the subjects were sent to another F3 location: Gotham. Here, Terezi and Sollux talked about their feelings on Karkat and his disappearances, which finally resolved into their first non-fight on the subject. They both agreed that nothing they did would stop the Consortium from doing what they wanted. Incidentally, a third Karkat showed up during this trip.

During Week 109, the subjects were each granted one unconscious wish. Terezi's wish was to sort out her shifting feelings regarding Justice. This resulted in her ancestor Redglare being brought into the station for a week. Terezi resolved that she didn't hate Vriska enough anymore to hand her over to her ancestor.

Week 112 brought a "grab bag" of experiments and a return of some of the Evil Twins. After a confrontation with Evil Feferi, the Twins abducted many of Terezi's friends and hole themselves up in one of the suites. Meanwhile, Karkat had contracted Hinamizawa Syndrome, which ultimately forced Terezi to mercy-kill him. Afterwards, she helped to stage a raid on the Twins' stronghold with some of her friends, and they managed to rescue at least a few of the people.

Around this time, Terezi began to form a pale crush on Sollux, though she didn't dare tell him. As far as she knew, Karkat and Sollux were moirails back home, and she was determined not to mess with that. Unfortunately, due to a phase of No Inhibitions during Week 119, she did confess her feelings to Sollux's matesprit, Feferi. Who she then swore to secrecy.

During Week 121, subjects were given the chance to opt out of the experiment by pressing a bright red button, but there was no telling what would happen to them. They were subjected to a soundtrack of horrific noises--screaming and pleas from present and terminated subjects alike. In an effort to spare Sollux the psychological trauma, she pressed his button for him. As a result, he was tortured horrifically before being deposited back into the Facility. Afterwards, Terezi promised not to make anymore decisions for him.

Unfortunately, Karkat was terminated again in Week 122.

From Week 128 to 130, the subjects were introduced to a new F3 location once again: American McGee's Wonderland. During the last week of this trip, an experiment was done to transfer memories between the subjects. Much to Terezi's dismay, the memory of her pale confession was transfer to Sollux. He insisted that they be moirails, but Terezi denied the offer. Later that week, Terezi hunted down Izaya on her suspicious that he was the leak in the Rebellion. She was determined to steal a few of his memories as proof, but he evaded her, eventually injured her, and left her for dead.

The following week, yet another Karkat was introduced, and Terezi began the process of getting to know him all over again.

During Week 132, Justin was forced by the experiment to provoke the other people from his world. Terezi went to defend him from the angry subjects, which resulted in them using a taser on her. Helpless to stop them, she watched them assault her friend, leaving him badly injured. The moral ambiguity of this event further separated her from her black-and-white view of justice and punishment.

Week 133 unleashed a zombie virus on the station. At the end of this week, after suffering through the infection herself, Terezi found herself yank out of Alpha and Omega and deposited healthy into Sacrosanct.

At first, Terezi thought that this new station was something like a fever dream from the zombie infection. She couldn't believe that she was really somewhere else. As time passed and she didn't "wake up", she was forced to admit that this really might be her new reality.

Fortunately, there was already a collection of trolls living on Sacrosanct. Even though she didn't know them specifically, they welcomed her into their dwelling. Terezi was extremely wary at first--especially of the other Terezi. Her suspicious nature from Alpha Omega couldn't be overwritten very easily.

Gradually, she grew closer to the trolls and the humans. She befriended many of them--Karkat in particular, but there was one person that she refused to have anything to do with: Vriska. Distraught over the loss of her contact with the Vriska back on Alpha Omega and the realization of Vriska's eventual fate, Terezi was determined not to be friends with her again. Doing so would mean that her own friendship back on Alternia might have been salvageable, and that Vriska's demise might have been avoided if Terezi had found it in her to help her sooner. Unable to stand that realization, Terezi instead preferred to harass Vriska into confrontations to prove that she was unchangeable.

After a few months, Sollux arrived on Sacrosanct, having also been pulled from the Alpha Omega facility. Terezi decided at that point to move out of the troll dwelling and into her own house that she could share with Sollux. Prior to moving out, Terezi decided to do Karkat a favor. In the month prior, he had taken to sequestering himself in his closet due to a severe paranoia of robots that he had gained before her arrival. Worried about his prolonged isolation, Terezi decided to unhinge his closet door and take it with her so that he couldn't continue to lock himself away. She also destroyed his closet for good measure. The action called attention to his problem, and despite his protests, he did get some help for his paranoia.

About a month later, Terezi discovered Vriska's diary while attending a party at her and John's house. She decided to take it and read it over the network. Knowing that the Zone 7 location was a sore spot for Vriska, she then invited Vriska to come get the diary there. The resulting confrontation evolved into a particularly vicious fight.

What Terezi didn't realize was that Zone 7 was a sore spot for many of the other trolls as well. The other Terezi enlightened her on all the horrible things that had happened in that area--things that had caused many of the deformities and trauma that she witnessed in the other trolls, but that they hadn't spoken about before. As a show of mutual trust, Terezi in turn told her double about the events in Venice back on Alpha and Omega that had made her so jumpy around the other trolls and especially her. These mutual confessions helped to strengthen the bond between the two Terezis a lot, and ease a bit of her paranoia.

Shortly before Christmas on Sacrosanct, Sollux disappeared from the space station. Terezi was distraught by his absence, and Karkat resolved to cheer her up. He distracted her with movies, and for a while Terezi moved back into the treehive that the other trolls occupied.

Just after the beginning of the new year, Terezi disappeared from Sacrosanct to be updated with her memories from Facility. Though she was only gone for a month from Sacrosanct, she returned with nearly half a year's worth of memories, as follows:
After Week 133's zombie virus infestation, Terezi and Vriska's truce solidified into full-blown friendship during Week 137 when the two girls spent a long time talking together about the things they've learned and done. Part of their honestly with each other might have been attributed to Vriska finding the bar.

The following week, Week 138, Reaver raided the subjects and abducted quite a few people. Terezi was among these people, but thanks to Milla, she was granted a quick death rather than what the creatures had in store for her. Still, the experience was a horrifying one.

Coming back from her death the next week, Terezi was greeted with Sollux at her door who apologized for not being there to help her. He once against insisted on being her moirail, and this time, as a result of her terrifying experience, she conceded to her pale affections.

Two weeks later, that decision was tested during a series of life-threatening choices that the subjects had to make. Karkat and Terezi were strapped to a machine, and Sollux was forced to decide who would be released and who would be electrocuted. Unable to deal with the idea of Karkat dying, Terezi convinced Sollux to release Karkat instead of her. She nearly died from the resulting punishment, which was cut off when both Karkat and Sollux began to attack the machine.

During Week 148, a bachelor auction was held. By the end of the night, Terezi and Karkat had managed to end up under the concession table with a bottle of wine. Make-outs resulted, during which they managed to solidify their feelings for each other--but still not officially. They continued to skirt the issue for a few weeks longer.

Week 155 and 156 was an event that resulted in a great number of people from Sacrosanct showing up in Alpha Omega. Because of the nature of the split between her time in the facility and her time on Sacrosanct, Terezi had no idea who these people were. However, they knew exactly who she was, which caused a great deal of confusion and alarm with Terezi and her Alpha Omega friends. During this chaos, Terezi hunted down Sacrosanct's Karkat to demand answers out of him. Afterwards, she returned to her own Karkat to have a long discussion about all the things she was keeping quiet about: Venice, the twins, the torture she'd endured before he got there--and her promise to help his other selves, if they were still alive somewhere. At the end of the two weeks, the additional residents were all terminated.

Two weeks later, the Rebellion staged it's final assault on the station and managed to overtake the Consortium's control with Val's assistance. The subjects began to disperse throughout the station, rather in just the experimental facilities. Unfortunately, the other Karkats are nowhere to be found, forcing Terezi to give up on her promise. Furthermore, the subjects discover the reason for the previous strange disappearances: In addition to being clones, their DNA will sometimes degrade and must be repaired with special pods located on the station. Without those pods, they would cease to function properly and would die. Despite having gained their freedom, they still can't go anywhere.

This bittersweet triumph marks the end of Sacrosanct-Terezi's memory update.

Returning to her normal life on Sacrosanct, Terezi found it difficult to face her new-found friends. Burdened with the knowledge that her DNA is "faulty" and that she might one day "stop working" without the technology on Alpha Omega, she avoids informing the other trolls about her return.

Instead, she attends a public speed-dating session as a distraction. There, she runs into Karkat, who grills her on where she's been and why she didn't tell them that she was back. Irritated at being asked so many questions and the idea of getting too close to him, Terezi brushes him off and tries to leave. This sparks a fight between them that ends with Terezi storming out.

A few days later, there's a mandatory Valentine's day dance. No one is allowed to miss it on threat of painful death, so Terezi reluctantly attends. She runs into Karkat once again, and after some awkward shuffling, they both manage to apologize for their behavior. Terezi eventually relates what she's learned to Karkat, who offers to help her find a solution to the DNA problem. Terezi agrees to his help, which patches up their friendship.

During a particularly strange malfunction with the teleporters, Terezi is regressed to a younger age. Many of the other trolls, meanwhile, is advanced to an older age--a darker timeline where Hypatia enslaved much of the station and Terezi went MIA during the struggle for freedom. Vriska, being from this timeline, is closely attentive to Terezi, who doesn't seem to notice the strangeness of their relationship, since she hasn't had their falling out yet. Karkat also assists in taking care of Terezi, who catches him and one of his female friends sharing an intimate moment. When she returns to normal, Terezi retains all of her memories from her younger age. While she doesn't know what to make of Vriska's shift in behavior, she does resolve to keep her distance from Karkat.

Another month of uneventful life passes, when Gamzee suddenly disappears, just like Sollux did. Feeling the similarities, Terezi decides to comfort Karkat in the same manner that he died: by watching movies. The experience is sufficiently awkward between them, but still a pleasant distraction that prompts a good bout of role-playing and horsing around afterwards.

After this point, Terezi is pulled into WTL.


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