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Physical Appearance

Terezi Pyrope / "Guardian Aletheia Treewyrm" is a young adult troll, just under 20 years of age with a height of 5'10.5". Her complexion is a light shade of gray and her hair is black, worn a little past her shoulders and curled outwards. Sharp teeth and horns are also typical of trolls, but Terezi's teeth are fairly nondescript: short and uniformly even. Her horns are longer than they used to be, but still conical, deep orange at the base while fading to a yellow hue at the tips. She wears a pair of vivid red shades, concealing her eyes, which are also deep red from being burnt. She is, understandably, blind; but uses a weird troll version of synesthesia to smell and taste colors.

While she does have a figure similar to a human woman, she's also slim and angular, and has in the past been likened to a bunch of Exacto blades taped together. As far as wardrobe is concerned, trolls have absolutely no concern for fashion. While she used to wear a black T-shirt and black pants, she's unfortunately outgrown all of her old clothes. The new ones are a mish-mash of different styles, colorful with no particular theme. Her shoes still fit, however, and are the same shade of red as her glasses. At times, she can also be found with a white dragon-headed cane, hollowed out to conceal a sword.

OOC Contact

Jun. 2nd, 2020 03:40 pm
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If you need to get a hold of me, you can PM this account or use any of the following:

Plurk: [ profile] yumesukidesho

Skype: michi-kins

Discord: Michi#0171
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Have a problem? A question? A comment? A critique? ...Or do you just want to BS at me?

This is the place where those can be a thing! If I've set this thing up right, anon is enabled, IP logging is off, and comments are screened. I value anonymous critique as long as it's not for public showcasing, so don't be shy!

This will also double as a (non)permission post! If you don't want to deal with Terezi's weird quirk, just let me know and I'll work with you to handle that ICly. If you don't want to deal with Terezi at all, let me know that too! I'll try my best to avoid tagging you, no questions asked.

(Also, if you could please include in the header which game you hail from, that would be helpful, thanks!)
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Terezi has the ability to foresee the future, when available to her in the Arena. As this is a difficult thing to juggle in an RP environment, I've set up this post to handle anything that you might want her to predict.

So, do you have a future event that you would like Terezi to See?

Just leave me a comment with the situation and a means of contacting you, and I'll get back to you about that. Comments are screened to protect your secret fun-time plotting. :)
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A folder is lying on the Prosecution's desk.

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Under 18? Nope. 24.
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