Events Calendar Update!

Sep. 16th, 2017 12:15 pm
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Hey Team,

The Events Calendar has been updated to the end of the year. Check out what's coming up!

+1 Snowbo

Sep. 11th, 2017 07:18 am
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Hi everybody!

I'm Indy and I'm new, bringing Mycroft Holmes from BBC Sherlock! He's an insufferable, arrogant git who really just wants to be left alone to spy on everyone and protect his brother, Sherlock, so he's gonna be just fine here. 8D He's also coming right off of a certain recent event from [community profile] snowblindrpg, so he's gonna have a very nice confusing vacation after that trauma.

Mycroft can do the "deduction thing" like Sherlock, so if anyone wants to opt-out of it, I have a thing here.

His application is here, and I'm also at [ profile] Indymica.

Nice to meet everyone!
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On the 9th of September, residents of the Meadous will wake to a note from Zephyr at their bedside along with a personalized hand mirror.

Hi Everyone,

A little while ago, Stephen made a wish for a Mirror Dimension after explaining to me what it was and how it should work. The Mirror Dimension looks just like this one, but anything you do in it won't change the Meadous proper. So if you need to get your frustration out or if you want to do some SERIOUS sparring, you can use that. Everything will reset once you leave the Mirror Dimension, so there won't be any damage! =:3 You can still hurt each other, though, and I can still see what's happening. Please don't seriously hurt each other unless you agreed to a spar with those kinds of consequences or you're kismesis. I'll be there to stop anyone dying still.

I know it's really only sorcerers who are supposed to be able to get in with their sling rings, but Stephen's the only sorcerer and that seems lonely. =:( So, I want everyone else to be able to experience it! Whenever you want to enter the mirror dimension in the Meadous, just crack the mirror that I've left for you. Don't worry! The mirror will fix itself once you're in the Mirror Dimension. To get out, just crack the mirror again.

I've put some extra books on magic in the library so that anyone who wants to study up on this type of magic and how to manipulate the Mirror Dimension can. I think it takes a really long time and a lot of practice to get anywhere, though.

I've never created a parallel dimension before, but I hope you like it.



The Events Calendar post for the plot is HERE

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