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Character Name: Terezi Pyrope
Canon: Homestuck
Game Transplant: A_Facility ([community profile] a_facility) and Singularity ([community profile] singularityrpg), in that order
Original App: Application to Singularity (Includes summary of Facility changes as well.)

Game Summary:
Facility: There is a space station called Alpha Omega, financed and run by an unknown group of individuals called the Consortium and overseen by a computer named Val. Subjects are brought to this space station by unknown means to participate in weekly experimental procedures. The purpose of these procedures are also unknown to the inhabitants, but many speculate that they may be designed to break the subjects being experimented on. Subjects arrive with collars fitted around their necks, any existing powers limited, and no recollection of how they got there.

Singularity: In a distant part of space in a universe not our own... A space station called Sacrosanct forms a ring around a young planet still in the process of terra-forming. The station has no sentient population of its own, save for Hypatia, a holographic AI. Individuals are drawn onto the station due to a temporal rip in the fabric of space called the Rift. Once on the station, there is no means of getting off of it, except to go to the inhospitable planet below.

How long was your character in Game: Facility: one year, Singularity: one year
History of Character in their Game:
May I direct you to a link...

How did they change from their canon personality wise (Please explain what caused it to happen?):
Development in Facility:
Here, Terezi spent a year involuntarily taking part in a science experiment designed to emotionally break down its subjects. As such, there are a lot of dark and troubling things that she has been forced to endure which have had lasting effects on her personality.

For one, Terezi had to grow up a good deal faster than her canon progression would have made her. She's not only had people she loves die in front of her, but she's killed both enemies and friends--sometimes accidentally and sometimes for the greater good. This is something that her canon has only had her do once, and with a great amount of regret on her part. In Facility, she has dealt with loss and with heartache and most of all with the futility of having no control and no escape. Ultimately, this comes across in her attitude as being more 'worn down' and not being as prone to acting flippant or facetious about serious issues. She still has the capacity to act like a child and to enjoy games and fun and her darker sense of humor, but she's quicker to put those things aside when they are inappropriate.

In addition to that, it heightened Terezi's sense of responsibility. There were a lot of things during the course of her stay in Facility that she knew had to be done, and the only person that she could trust to do them--and more importantly, the only person she could ask to do them--was herself. Thus, she developed the habit of taking on difficult jobs by herself to avoid burdening her friends with the unfortunate consequences.

In Facility, she also began to undergo a shift in her ideology regarding justice. In canon, her idea of justice is her driving force for a lot of the choices she makes, and this is still true after a year in Facility. However, her ideology has been subjected to influences from being around humans , and she has quietly changed her mind about a few things. For one, she has realized that not all people who do bad things are inherently deceitful or malicious or criminal. Many of her friends and herself included have done things that she would classify as 'bad', and Terezi has done her best to justify these in her own mind. Sometimes these justifications hold water, sometimes they don't. Similarly, some of the people that she has considered irredeemable (most notably Vriska, but also others like Justin Law to a lesser degree) have turned their own attitudes around and proven that their crimes are not the be-all-end-all of their nature. Because of these instances the notions of 'redemption' and 'rehabilitation' began to take shape in her mind.

However, these are all confined to her thoughts and feelings. As far as her actions are concerned, Terezi still does many of the same things that she did when she first arrived in Facility. Because of the strict social norms of Alternia involving the ruthlessness of higher bloods, it is a very dangerous thing to be considered 'weak'. Terezi canonically throws caution to the winds when social norms are involved, but she does show hesitance in regard to not living up to Legislacerator values. Because of her development in Facility, this has caused her to become caught up in a personal struggle between what she knows is expected of her and what she thinks is right. Sometimes the former wins out, sometimes the later.

Development in Singularity:
Funny enough, Terezi's transition to Singularity actually set her back a lot in terms of development. There, she came across another Terezi and another Vriska, who hadn't undergone the same development that she and her Vriska had. This not only challenged her newly budding notions of justice (which were spawned in part because of her Vriska's development); but also her thoughts on whether or not a person could redeem him/herself, or if her experiences were a freak occurrence. If anyone (specifically, any Vriska) was capable of redemption, then Terezi felt that she would have to take responsibility for how her canon events had unfolded and her ultimate murder of Vriska--something her canon self struggled with in the future, as well. As a result, she verbally lashed out at the new Vriska, and did everything possible to deny any attempt of Vriska's to be less than a terrible person, even at the expense of a few of her other relationships. All for the sake of proving that her Vriska was the exception and not the rule.

Aside from that, most of Terezi's development in Singularity was centered around smaller personal relationships with people she simultaneously did and did not know, and adapting to a setting where she only had to fear for her life every two months or so instead of every two minutes. (I wasn't as active in this game as I was in Facility, so the degree that Terezi changed on a fundamental basis was a lot less here.)

How did they change from their canon physically (Please explain what caused it to happen?):

Terezi has a metal collar from A_Facility closely fitted around her neck. The collar is seamless in design and houses a strong electrical current. If tampered with, the current would normally give a shock to the wearer strong enough to cause unconsciousness.

Also gathered from her time at A_Facility are some scars worth noting. During one particular experiment, her legs were badly burned with hot oil, and she still has faint patches of lighter grey skin there. Also, there is a scar made by a knife on the back of her neck in the shape of the Cancer symbol, which is usually hidden by her hair. Neither of them are visible when she's in her typical attire.

Her stay at Singularity didn't change her appearance at all, other than the usual growing older stuff. She didn't take the time to remove the collar, partly because she didn't know what tampering with it would do, and partly because it reminded her of that place and everyone who was still trapped there.

It's important to note first and foremost that Terezi is blind. She's not capable of seeing anything. Instead, she was taught by her lusus to develop her own "sight" through a kind of synesthesia. Instead of directly seeing the colors around her, Terezi can smell, hear, and taste them. Thus, she "sees" the world in scent, sound, and flavor. Granted, this ability is nowhere near perfect. The image presented to her is blurry at best, like someone trying to paint a detailed picture with a sponge. However, her sense of taste paints a stronger picture than her sense of smell, so she is able to "see" better when she's capable of licking the object she's trying to observe. Otherwise, details are difficult for her to pick out.

The only other special ability that Terezi exhibits is the ability to see future outcomes. This isn't the same as just seeing the future, which implies that the future is linear and set in stone. Terezi is capable of seeing the results of choices to be made by both other people and herself, like seeing different diverging paths through a forest. She doesn't see whole scenes, but rather flashes and snippets of these future outcomes which can help her decide which choice to make. It can be assumed that these paths get harder to see, the further away from the present moment they are.

In both Facility and Singularity, Terezi's powers were dampened, but not completely revoked. She could still see the future, but it was hazier and not always 100% correct.

Red dragon plushie with mismatch eyes, a white dragon cane-sword, a dragon-wing jetpak, a red blanket-cape, a double-headed troll caegar, a closet door.

Please provide three samples from your previous game, at least one will have to be third person with context:
Sample One: Two Terezis and their mutual confessions about horrible things that have happened to them. Singularity-based.
Sample Two: Terezi agitates Vriska for the sole purpose of calling her out. Singularity-based.
Sample Three: Movie-viewing (to cheer Karkat up) and live action role-playing, complete with a Spartan army and a bear. Singularity-based.

Notes: Anything else?


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